Web Development

Build credibility for your brand!

Fulfill all your brand’s web development needs with the best digital marketing company in Pune! You focus on your clients and let us focus on you! Our end-to-end brand strategy covers web design and development services, ensuring cohesion and consistency in your full digital presence across every format. With the help of stunning graphics, quality content and customized user experiences, Digi Daftar will ensure a beautiful web presence for your brand.

Web development services

WordPress Website
From corporate websites, to personal blogs, we can design and develop perfectly functional WordPress websites with high usability, without limiting design capabilities.
Web App Design
Digi Daftar helps to design impressive, effective and versatile web applications that perform flawlessly.
We believe in designing intuitive user interfaces that increase usability and keep your customers engaged with striking graphics.
Macro\Micro Sites
Whether your business is big or small, let your impact on the digital world be BIG! Build targeted websites with optimized landing pages and make the most of your performance marketing.
Ecommerce Website
Efficient cataloguing to display a brand’s full range of products, properly functioning payment gateways and optimized product landing pages are just some of the ways in which Digi Daftar can build reliable, user friendly and functional e-commerce websites.